Look after your employees by helping them to look after their sleep.

Insomnia is prevalent in the modern era. According to numerous studies, this sleeping disorder affects approximately 25% to 30% of adults in the UK. Naturally, a lack of sleep affects productivity at work. In fact, research suggests that insomnia results in poor job contentment, work hostility, cyber-loafing, instances of unethical behavior, and even abusive behavior by superiors.

It goes without saying that staff insomnia is a concern employers need to be mindful of. Which begs the question: with regards to insomnia, what can employers do to help?

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is an approach that can effectively treat the cognitive (or mental) factors related to insomnia (like a ‘racing mind’), and to conquer negative feelings that come with the inability to sleep.

CBT develops healthy sleep routines for those suffering from insomnia. This behavioural technique helps people establish ‘pro-sleep’ habits and create connections between a bed and a good night’s rest. As such, going to sleep and remaining asleep becomes organic and automatic.

CBT for insomnia is generally administered over a 6 to 8-week span. It consists of face-to-face sessions with a professional therapist but The Insomnia Clinic is currently collaborating with various organisations to provide a customised and feasible strategy to managing sleep issues for employees. Through workshops, seminars, and a one-on-one drop-in clinic, staff will learn to modify their sleep habits immediately and improve their sleeping cycles in the process.

If you feel that your company could benefit from helping staff to improve their sleep patterns then please contact us to discuss a tailor made plan that will work for you.



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