Sleep easy this Christmas- The Insomnia Clinic to Launch in 15 New Locations

The Insomnia Clinic will open new sites across the UK, in time for Christmas.

With 1 in 3 people suffering with poor sleep, the UK is seriously sleep deprived. Sleep loss is linked to many mental health issues and has a number of negative short and long term effects including low energy, poor concertation, increased stress, weight gain and hypertension.

Kathryn Pinkham, founder of The Insomnia Clinic and NHS consultant says ‘Our mission at the Insomnia Clinic is simple, we want to give everyone in the UK access to a treatment for poor sleep that really works. Too many are taking sleeping tablets unnecessarily and have suffered with poor sleep for too long when it is a treatable condition with this programme’.

Cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia is now recommended as the first line treatment for insomnia. Our fully trained and accredited specialists teach CBT techniques that help people understand how we sleep and the behaviours and thoughts which perpetuate a sleep problem. Our approach involves practical, step-by-step methods which are proven to improve the sleep of 85% of participants, often within just three sessions’.

Already established in Nottingham, Bath and Bristol The Insomnia Clinic is launching new clinics in 15 locations across the UK including Suffolk, Norfolk, Leeds, London, Surrey and Nr Wrexham The Insomnia Clinic is the only sleep service to offer face to face sessions across the UK.

If you would like to have a free 10 minute telephone consultation to discuss the treatment process and find out how this could help you please call 0844 502 0485 or visit our website to find your nearest therapist and book online at

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