Want to know the causes of sleep deprivation?

Here at The Insomnia Clinic we were asked to contribute to the Expert Sleep Survey. The survey asked 8 important questions around sleep, including most common causes of sleep deprivation, how long before bed we should stop exercise and eating, worst foods to eat and even if wearing socks could affect our sleep! The results make a great read and confirm our findings here at the Insomnia Clinic that the most common causes of sleep deprivation are stress and anxiety along with incompatible bedtime activities. Stress can lead to lying in bed worrying which can lead us to associate our beds with anxiety. Our advice? Find ways to manage your stress during the daytime so that by the time you go to bed you are feeling more relaxed. If you do find yourself awake, then go downstairs and deal with the worries by writing them down, this will give you a better chance of getting to sleep when you return to your bed.

To see the full survey, click here.

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