When sleeping on the job might not be such a bad idea…..

Have you ever felt yourself nodding off at your desk? Or reaching for the coffee after lunch to try and stay awake? The afternoon lull can be hard to get through so sometimes a power nap can be just the thing you need to get through till 5pm.

The goal of a nap is to recharge the batteries and give you an energy boost all in the least amount of time. If you can achieve this the benefits can include improved concentration and alertness plus more energy and motivation to get your head down and finish that to do list.

The key is all about the timing, keep it short, just ten to twenty minutes or you run the risk of entering deeper sleep and wake feeling groggy. So the hardest task is, how do you fall asleep quickly in order to make the most of it? Try these tips to make the most of your quick snooze-

Turn off your phone- nothing worse than being about to nod off when an email arrives and you just can’t resist having a quick check. Turn it off and enjoy ten minutes of peace away from the outside world.

Get into a good routine- if, for whatever reason you are sleep deprived during the day and feel a catnap is going to help then make it part of your routine. Our body clock likes routine so if you nap at the same time every day it will get easier to nod off as your body will be expecting it.

Have a coffee before  your nap, the caffeine will kick in in time for you to wake and leave you feeling more alert.

So the only think now is to work out where to take your nap…at your desk, in the car or even in the stationary cupboard, just make sure you don’t get caught!

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