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Adult Sessions

With The Insomnia Clinic you will be offered one to one sessions from one of our UK locations.  We also offer online consultations for those unable to travel.

Insomnia won’t be cured by sleeping pills—in fact, over the long-term they can actually make insomnia worse.

The Insomnia Clinic is the UK’s largest insomnia specialist service.  We specialise in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy also known as CBT-i.

CBT-i is a structured programme that works through tried and tested steps.  Here at the Insomnia Clinic, we help you identify and replace thoughts and behaviours that cause and maintain sleep problems and help formulate long-term habits to promote healthy sound sleep. You regain control by developing a healthy sleep pattern.

The Insomnia Clinic has over 15 qualified CBT for Insomnia professionals based at locations across the UK where you can access individual sessions to improve your sleep.

If you are unable to meet at one of our locations for a face to face session, then we can deliver them live via Zoom - a completely secure online video service - direct to your home.

Our online course focuses on evidence based techniques that will help you fall asleep faster, sleep better and reduce your anxiety around going to bed.

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