Sleep Well, Live Better

Online Course

  • Learn how to increase energy levels

  • improve concentration

  • lose weight

  • improve your mood...

    all with one simple tool you already have….SLEEP!

Do you struggle to fall asleep? Do you wake in the night and find it hard to get back to sleep? Do you lack motivation and concentration due to tiredness? Or maybe you have been taking sleeping tablets that are no longer effective and you don’t know where else to turn?

“I have tried so many things in the past but finally this is information that actually works. I feel liberated that I no longer have to worry about the temperature of my room or how much caffeine I have had. Kathryn’s videos are informative and clear and I’m no longer worried about my sleep, thank you”. Emma Marshall.

Start Sleeping Well and Living Better, today.

If you are tired of being tired then my online course can help learn how to sleep well but please understand that you have to make changes. I, (and the therapists I have trained) have helped hundreds of people with over 70% experiencing improved sleep in under four weeks.

Many people are desperate to sleep better but don’t make the required changes. Please note if you are motivated and willing to change then the advice in this programme will give you everything you need to improve your sleep pattern.

Learn the skills to sleep well without sleeping pills..

In this course you will learn-

  • How to fall asleep faster by increasing your natural drive to sleep

  • How to stay asleep for longer by creating a stronger connection between bed and sleep

  • How to make sure your body clock is set correctly so you experience more refreshing sleep

  • How to increase the quality of your sleep and wake less

  • How worry affects your sleep and how to manage it in the future

Multiple research studies show that CBT for insomnia techniques are the most effective way to improve poor sleep (as recommended by the NHS). Nothing can guarantee you won’t have a bad nights sleep in your lifetime, however, this course can help you to worry less about those bad nights and help you learn to enjoy your time awake.

What you can expect.

There is so much information available on the internet and in magazines that it can be really hard to know what to do.  Should you stay in bed and try to relax, or get up and do the ironing.  Should you go to bed early to get more sleep and catch up on the missed hours? 

“I’ve now reached 6 hours a night sleep and find that really works for me.  It’s an excellent programme”   Jean Harrison.

I understand that for lots of people 1:1 sessions are not always possible so I have created an online course that will enable you to understand your sleep and learn the techniques to get it back on track. Of course, at any time you feel you need further support you can book in for individual sessions to build upon what you have already learnt.

You will also have access to the Sleep Well, Live Better Facebook Group where you can ask specific questions and join in live chat session, hosted by me, where I will be able to give more personalised advice based on your specific concerns.

What's special about this course?

Designed by me and my team of CBT therapists, the course will guide you through the steps to improve your sleep. Including everything you would receive in face-to-face sessions; the course features booklets, videos, worksheets and sleep diaries to complete so you can monitor your own progress. With over 10 years experience working in the field of treating those who struggle to sleep well, this course is based on our NHS-recommended approach and the information is presented in a simple and easy to use format. 

Booklets and videos to watch and listen to in your own time

I have kept the information short and sweet in the form of 4 individual booklets to be worked through one by one. There are also videos where I will expand upon the information and add in extras that may not be covered by the booklets. I advise you to take at least a week between each booklet so that you can put the information and advice into action before moving to the next step. As it is all available in one go you may be tempted to just skip straight to the end…but there is no magic trick in the final sentence! The key is to do everything in the order suggested and you will see results.

“I’m so pleased that I got in touch with Kathryn, it’s been one of the most positive life changers that I’ve ever experienced.  I strongly recommend Kathryn’s CBTi services”. Graham Tomlinson.

There is also a bonus video specifically designed to help you reduce worry about sleep. The booklets are downloadable and worksheets can be edited online. The topics of the course include-

  • Pillow talk, getting to grips with sleep and sleep hygiene. This will introduce some basics around sleep and set the scene for how sleep works. You will learn how your poor sleep is being maintained and I’ll also tell you what I really think about sleep hygiene…

  • Take control of your sleep. Learn about sleep scheduling and how to increase your drive to fall asleep when you get into bed. You will understand more about why you may wake up and how to break this habit. You will also learn why your bed may be a trigger for poor sleep and how to combat this.

  • Thinking about sleep. Learn how your own mind can sabotage your sleep and some techniques to begin to switch off your mind before bedtime and reduce general anxiety. Includes a bonus video to help you live a life without worrying about sleep.

  • Moving forward. This final step is to help you to manage your sleep in the future and what to watch out for to avoid relapsing back into old habits.

Listen anytime

If you are short on time you can listen to the videos on your phone, in the car or whilst going for a run so you don’t need to find hours at a desk or time to travel to face to face sessions.

Package Price- £75.00

The cost of the course is £75.00 and this includes membership of the Sleep Well, Live Better Facebook Group. In the group you can ask any questions you may have and also join the live chat I will be running which will act like a webinar and provide opportunity to get more personalised advice based on your own sleep issues.

I am also offering a money back guarantee- I am really proud of this course and stand behind the quality and efficacy of the material provided, however, if you are not satisfied once you have completed the course then I am offering a 30-day money back guarantee.

After reading the information booklets and watching the videos I have been able to improve my sleep from 5 broken hours to almost 7 hours every night and it took under two weeks. More importantly, I now understand that worrying about poor sleep has been my biggest enemy, thank you!’ Richard, 51.