Sleep Well, Live Better Online Course

Are you routinely struggling to fall asleep each night...even after a long, exhausting day?

...Find yourself awake in the night and just can’t get back to sleep - no matter how hard you “try”?

...Or do you worry about just the “thought” of going to bed each night?

...Maybe your career is suffering because you’re lacking motivation and concentration caused by poor sleep?

...Perhaps taking sleeping tablets is no longer doing the job and instead you’re just exhausted, not knowing which way to turn?

If you’ve tried countless “remedies” like expensive hypnotherapy sessions...alternative herbal blends...white-noise machines...smartphone apps...even blocking out blue light in the evenings...yet still face this problem at the end of a long, tiring day, there’s good news for you…

Because if you answered yes to just a couple of those questions, you can finally put to rest this daily cycle of poor sleep and start to sleep well and live better!

“Life changing. This is a really nicely presented easy to follow programme.
I am absolutely astounded how something so simple can have changed my life so significantly...
I have slept a minimum of 6 hours every single night since starting.”

Theresa Britton.
Course Member.

Why I designed the Sleep Well, Live Better Online Course…

I’m Kathryn, founder of The Insomnia Clinic.

I’ve worked in mental health for over ten years and as part of my work I saw just how many people were affected by poor sleep.

During this time I saw first hand how treatable the condition was yet how few people were able to access help and instead were taking sleeping pills.

I began working with poor sleepers using this NHS recommended, step by step programme and consistently found that people were able to improve their sleep, usually in under four weeks.

I also found that many who suffer with insomnia didn't need 1:1 therapy, they just needed to know the correct information and the step by step process fix their sleep.

I thought to myself, what if I could create a system that allowed anyone to follow the programme without having to find a specialist or engage in longer term therapy sessions which they may not need?

And that, is why I developed the Sleep Well, Live Better Online Course.

The course, designed by myself and based on 10 years of working with poor sleepers, will clearly guide you through the simple steps to improve your sleep and includes everything you would receive in face-to-face sessions including:

  • Booklets,

  • Videos,

  • Worksheets, and

  • Sleep diaries to complete so you can monitor your own progress as it improves.

Your First Lesson Has Been Unlocked for FREE

In this free lesson, you’ll uncover:

  1. The only three things you need to know to manage your sleep,

  2. Why despite the many things you’ve tried, your sleep isn’t improving, and

  3. The tools you need to sleep well in under four weeks.

Specifically in this lesson you’ll learn why sleep hygiene tips may actually be making your sleep worse and why you no longer need to give up caffeine, have a pitch black room or ‘try’ and relax before bed.

The course was fantastic, full of practical wisdom as well as really helpful and reassuring guidance to get you to sleep better”

- Adrian Wales.
Course Member.

The Sleep Well, Live Better Online Course -
Watch and Listen in YOUR OWN time

For a one-off payment of £189.00, you’ll get instant access,
so you can begin right away, or whenever you’re ready.

Bonus Material

When you sign up today, you’ll automatically get my FREE bonus video.
Here you’ll learn an effective technique I have developed to focus on how to worry less about sleep.
In fact, this technique is so powerful it works in under two minutes.

About the Course:

I have kept the information short and sweet in the form of 4 individual booklets to be worked through one by one. There are also videos where I expand upon the information and add in “extras” that may not be covered by the booklets.

TOP TIP to get the most out of your time:

I advise you to take at least a week between each booklet. That way you’re putting the information and advice into action before moving to the next step.

As it’s all available to do in one go, you may be tempted to just skip straight to the end…but know this:

There is no magic trick in the final sentence!

The key is to do everything in the order suggested. That way, you will start seeing results.

In fact, here’s what a recent member of the course community had to say:

“Wow, what a great service.
Completely changed my sleep from terrible to great in such a small space of time, can’t recommend this enough...”

- Course Member.

A single, one-off payment of £189.00 will get you instant access to the course
so you can start learning how to sleep better again.

4 Reasons Why People Aren’t Sleeping Better

  1. Knowledge - People often don’t know how to fix it and have tried everything. Perhaps your GP has only offered sleeping pills, leaving you with no idea what works? In this course I will explain to you the reason why CBT for insomnia helps up to 80% of people improve sleep and why it’s the only recommended treatment by the NHS.

  2. Money - Perhaps you’ve already spent hundreds of pounds on gadgets, pills, potions and maybe even quick fix therapy. As a result, people spend a lot of money, without feeling like they’ve got very far. But I’m going to show you how much of what you need to know is free and how you can work with me without spending a fortune.

  3. Time - Right now, you’re feeling tired and time is precious. So what if I told you that you could spend less than 2 hours over the next 4 weeks and reach your sleep goals? Would that be an amount of time you were willing to spend on this?

  4. Fear - What if it just doesn't work for me? What if I have to make changes I don’t like or just can’t get used to? I can’t guarantee you will always sleep well but I can guarantee that if you don’t make any changes your sleep will not get better alone. All you have to do is be willing to learn about what really causes poor sleep and the proven techniques to fix it. Don’t let fear be the reason why you stay in the cycle of poor sleep.

Before you start this programme, you need to be sure. Start by asking yourself this:

— Am I willing to make changes to my current sleep pattern knowing it will help?

Because it’s this motivation that will enable you to start sleeping well again.

So don’t worry if it feels overwhelming, because you’re not alone on this new journey. In fact, later I’ll share with you more about the community you’ll be part of by joining the course.

Through the years, myself, and the therapists I’ve trained have helped hundreds of people... with 80% experiencing improved sleep in under four weeks! It’s been quite an incredible journey.

There is so much information available on the internet and in magazines that it can be really hard to know what to do:  

  • Should you stay in bed and try to relax, or get up and do the ironing?

  • Should you go to bed early to get more sleep and catch up on the missed hours?

The truth is, many people are desperate to sleep better, but for one reason or another, don’t make the required changes.

So it’s important to note that if you’re motivated and willing to change...and want to start sleeping well each night...waking up feeling rested and energised, then the advice in this programme will give you everything you need to improve your sleep pattern.

And When You Improve Your Sleep Pattern, You’re Creating a Habit of a Lifetime...
Finally You Can Sleep Well and Live Better

With my Sleep Well, Live Better Online Course, you’ll learn the skills and techniques to sleep well without sleeping pills, for example...

  • How to fall asleep faster by increasing your natural drive to sleep.

  • How to stay asleep for longer by creating a stronger connection between bed and sleep.

  • How to make sure your body clock is set correctly so you experience more refreshing sleep.

  • How to increase the quality of your sleep and wake less.

  • How worry affects your sleep and how to manage it in the future.

Multiple research studies show that CBT for insomnia techniques are the most effective way to improve poor sleep (as recommended by the NHS).

Nothing can guarantee you won’t have a bad nights sleep in your lifetime, however, this course can help you to worry less about those bad nights and help you learn to enjoy your time awake!

Your First Video Lesson is UNLOCKED

In this video, you’ll discover:

  1. The only three things we need to manage our sleep,

  2. Why despite the many things you’ve tried, your sleep isn’t improving, and

  3. The tools you need to sleep well in under four weeks.

Specifically in this lesson you’ll learn why what you’ve been doing isn’t helping, leaving you more confident that they are on the right track to fixing your sleep.

What Will I Be Studying?

The booklets are downloadable and worksheets can be edited online. Topics of the course include:

  • Pillow talk.
    Getting to grips with sleep and sleep hygiene. This will introduce some basics around sleep and set the scene for how sleep works.

    You will learn how your poor sleep is being maintained and I’ll also tell you what I really think about sleep hygiene…
    Plus, learn three things which control our sleep and why insomnia develops.

  • Take control of your sleep.
    Learn about sleep scheduling and how to increase your drive to fall asleep when you get into bed. You will understand more about why you may wake up and how to break this habit.

    You will also learn why your bed may be a trigger for poor sleep and how to combat this.

  • Thinking about sleep.
    Learn how your own mind can sabotage your sleep and some techniques to begin to switch off your mind before bedtime and reduce general anxiety.

  • Moving forward.
    This final step is to help you to manage your sleep in the future and what to watch out for to avoid relapsing back into old habits.

Bonus Material

When you sign up today, you’ll automatically get my FREE bonus video.
Here you’ll learn an effective technique I have developed to focus on how to worry less about sleep.
In fact, this technique is so powerful it works in under two minutes.

Right now, you can discover how to incorporate all these benefits into your sleep routine
for a single enrolment fee of just £189.00.
You’ll get instant access and can begin right away, or whenever you’re ready.

“This is so worthwhile. I was sleeping longer by the 2nd night of starting the online course and continue to do so.
The worksheets are very easy to follow and the videos accompanying the course are great.
I felt very supported with emails to nudge me along. Definitely recommend the course.”

- Helen Lee.
Course Member.

If you’re sleep deprived you probably recognise some of these COMMON SYMPTOMS:

  • Poor energy and feeling sluggish

  • Low concentration & focus - prone to making mistakes

  • Weight gain or trouble losing unwanted weight

  • Low, irritable mood

  • Generally looking and feeling tired

Did you know?

CBT for insomnia is recommended by the NHS and also the American College of Physicians as the first line treatment for those suffering with poor sleep.

So isn’t it time you learnt how to banish these symptoms from your life...for good?

Even if you’ve tried every “sleep solution” under the sun, you’ll be certain to find this self-guided, easy-to-follow online course your best tool yet against insomnia.

- In fact, after you’ve paid the £189.00 course fee, I’m willing to put my word on the line that you’ll start sleeping better.
So much so, for a whole 30 days, try the course - if you don’t find it useful...just email me and I’ll personally REFUND you in full. No Questions.

As a CBT-i and NHS Consultant Insomnia specialist, I understand that for lots of people 1:1 sessions are not always possible so I‘ve created this online course enabling you to better understand your sleep and learn the techniques to get it back on track.

And of course, at any time you feel you need further support you can book in for individual sessions to build upon what you have already learnt.

Join a Supportive Community of People Like You

Remember earlier I mentioned that as part of this course, you’ll be joining an online community?
You’ll be invited to join the Sleep Well, Live Better Facebook Group where you can ask specific questions and join in live chat sessions, hosted by me, where I will be able to give more personalised advice based on your specific concerns.

YOU Decide How to Study

One of the best things about this course is that you can listen and study at any time.

If you’re especially short on time (like many busy people like yourself) then listen to the videos on your smartphone, in the car or whilst going for a run so you don’t need to “find” hours to do this course. Just slip it into your day whenever you can.

What’s more, there’s no time to travel like with traditional “face to face” sessions.

The cost of the course, and learning how to sleep well again is just a one-off payment of £189.00.
And remember, this includes private membership to my exclusive Sleep Well, Live Better Facebook Group -
A bit like an intimate webinar, this gives you the opportunity to get more personalised advice based on your sleep issues.

With No Risk, You’ll Can Study this Course Knowing
You Have My Money-Back Guarantee….

As you can imagine, I am really proud of this course and stand behind the quality and efficacy of the material provided, however, if you are not satisfied once you have completed the course...then you’ll receive my no-questions, 30-day money back guarantee.

Finally Get on Track and Learn How to
Sleep Well, and Live Better.

“After reading the information booklets and watching the videos I have been able to improve my sleep from 5 broken hours to almost 7 hours every night and it took under two weeks.
More importantly, I now understand that worrying about  poor sleep has been my biggest enemy, thank you!”

- Richard.
Course Member.