User Agreement with Therapist.

Please read the below points which refer to the sessions between yourself and the therapist. By booking your session you are agreeing to the following user agreement and also The Insomnia Clinics Terms and Conditions. Please read the full terms and conditions here. Please note, The Insomnia Clinic is acting as an agent and the agreement is between yourself as the user and the Therapist.

As your user, I agree:

  • that I am able to cope with the demands of your sessions that I sign up for (as per your description) and that, if I have any doubt, I will check with my doctor before participating;

  • to let you know during the session if I feel that I am not able to continue the session;

  • to be on time for sessions;

  • to act appropriately and safely at all times when taking part in your sessions and using the The Insomnia Clinic service;

  • to pay for my sessions in accordance with your payment structures and requirements; and

  • that when giving feedback about you and your sessions, I will do so honestly and appropriately.