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Are you an employer who would you like to improve productivity and reduce absenteeism in the work place?

Did you know that the annual cost of poor sleep to the UK is around £30 billion? In fact poor sleep is responsible for around 200,000 working days being lost per year. 


Research shows that 4 out of 10 employees gets less than 7 hours of sleep per night and it is well documented that a lack of sleep can cause poor concentration but it is also strongly linked to future episodes of anxiety and depression. An employee is also three times more likely to become obese if they suffer with poor sleep so its clear that sleep should be high on any companies agenda.

The first step is ensuring your employees are aware of the importance of good quality sleep, as well as equipping them with the tools to obtain it.

Here at The Insomnia Clinic we offer tailor made plans to suit the needs of your company. We offer a range of options from seminars to workshops and drop in sleep clinics to ensure that employees can have access to as much or as little as they need to help them to understand and improve their sleep.

Our corporate workshops are conducted in small groups and together with you we can adapt the content to the needs of your company. For example, covering topics such as stress and jet lag and how best to manage sleep in these circumstances.

The workshops/ seminars will teach your staff to understand how insomnia is maintained, the role of thoughts and behaviours in disruptive sleep patterns and how to increase quality of sleep by adopting appropriate sleep schedules.

Our sleep clinics have been really popular in 2017 as they give employees a chance to discuss privately their sleep concerns with a professional who can give advice on how best to tackle their problem. All our clinicians are trained in treating people with poor sleep and insomnia with vast experience in how sleep can affect all areas of a persons life.

The clinics are a based on a 30 minute drop in style format throughout the day. If you would like to book your drop in clinic or discuss the most suitable option for your company please contact

Here are just a handful of testimonials we’ve received from our corporate workshops and sleep clinics in the past:

“As part of our hospital’s Health and Wellbeing campaign for staff, we booked Kathryn for an hours session on insomnia .  The session took place over a lunchtime on Tuesday 13th October, which  was very well attend by our staff – a popular topic!  Kathryn explained  how  to understand sleep and what causes  poor sleep, then how to create a new sleep schedule with techniques to manage thoughts/anxiety around sleep.  The session was so interesting and has helped people to improve their sleep quality.  I can recommend Kathryn to any company considering helping their employees if they are suffering from poor sleep which can affect their performance.” Kind regards, Rachel

“Thoroughly enjoyed the sleep workshop run by Kathryn. It was really informative and in a short space of time she shared an awful lot of information and managed to tailor it to our individual needs. Really good tips and good to share in a group setting. Feel really motivated to work hard to take on her tips to see if will help – feeling confident it will.” Nicky.

“The sleep drop in clinic was per fact for me. In just half an hour I learnt so much about why I had insomnia and the mistakes I was making which were contributing to poor sleep. All employees should have access to this as has had a huge impact on my mood and levels of concentration’ Helen, 46, Mckinsey and Co employee.

“I found the course and information an eye opener- dispelled old myths about sleeping- highly recommend.” Giselle.

“I have struggled with insomnia for a long time. Today’s workshop has given me some realistic goals and a few solid techniques of how to get there.” Debbie.

“A very informative and interesting session that helped me understand sleep much better, busted some myths and has given me some great tools to take control and improve the quality of my sleep.” Misia

“An ideal way to first approach resolving my bad sleep.” Mariangela.

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