Do you suffer with any of the following problems?

  • Trouble falling asleep
  • Waking through the night
  • Early morning waking
  • Feeling unrefreshed during the day
  • Anxiety around sleep
  • General anxiety and stress management
  • Chronic Insomnia

However small your sleep problem may seem, if it has a significant impact on your waking life – we are here to help. A sleep problem left unaddressed can lead to serious insomnia and overall ill health due to poor quality or lack of sleep.

SAKL1LQWRIWith The Insomnia Clinic you will be offered one to one sessions from one of our UK locations which include Nottingham, Bath, Bristol, Norfolk, Suffolk, London, Surrey, Nr Wrexham, Leeds and York.

We also offer online consultations for those unable or too remote to travel.

Your first session will be an initial assessment where we find out as much as possible about your sleep concerns and identify any factors which may affect your treatment. Our consultants are extremely knowledgeable and experts in a variety of sleep issues so you will be in good hands.

After the initial assessment you will be asked to complete a sleep diary for one week, this information will be used to calculate your sleep efficiency and help to identify the correct sleep schedule for you.

We will also work with you to identify and change other behaviours and thoughts which are affecting your sleep, this includes lifestyle factors and habits/ thoughts and also stress management where necessary.

To find out more about our treatment process please visit the treatment process page.

Prices start at £80 per session but do vary per area. Please contact us for further information or visit the find a therapist page here to see prices in your area.

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