Neil, 49

Kathryn was a big help with a sleeping issue I had. Sensible advice that was very useful and I am now sleeping like a baby again. I would thoroughly recommend her services.

Amir, 33 from Nottingham

I’ve had sleeping problems from as long as I can remember – all the way back to childhood. Anyone with sleeping problems understands the effects. I had the pleasure of working with Kathryn and in a very short period of time, she had helped me to sleep uninterrupted through the night. Her approach is personalised to you, ensuring you get the best advice and therefore results. I’d happily recommend Kathryn to anyone who has problems sleeping.

David, 45

“Kathryn was really supportive and listened to my difficulties with sleep. I felt she really understood my issues and thanks to the sessions my sleep has drastically improved and I feel more refreshed, thank you”

Gilly Murray, Nottingham

Kathryn has been knowledgable, supportive and friendly throughout our sessions so it has been easy to work with her and discuss my issues. I am really pleased with my results and want to make sure I continue with the programme in order to sleep well.

Elizabeth, Nottingham

Kathryn was recommended to me by my GP after I was diagnosed with depression.  A factor in this depression was a lack of sleep.  After one session with Kathryn I felt more positive and realised that with simple strategies a good nights’ sleep was possible and achievable.  Over four sessions Kathryn helped me unpick my problems and with a good sleep routine and CBT techniques I now feel I can achieve the sleep I need.  Thank you Kathryn!

Alison, 68

“I thought I would never sleep through the night again, Kathryn has helped me to change my sleep so that I feel like the old me again.”

June, Nottingham

At the end of November it will be a year since I first made contact with you. At that time I had suffered insomnia for nearly 20 years.  Here I am now going to bed at between 11 and 11.30, rising at approx 7.00 and always having a good night’s sleep. It is hard for me to imagine why I put up with the distress for so many long years. I found the CBT very hard at the beginning but was determined to persevere with these very excellent results. A cousin of mine rang the other day to ask how we all were and asked particularly about my sleep pattern. She was really surprised to hear that I am now a ‘normal’ person taking going to bed for granted like everyone else does.

When I started thinking about things I surprised myself when I realised it is not even a year since we started the new routine. How quickly one slips into new patterns and then takes it all for granted.

Anyway, again a very big thank you for all your help, guidance and support. Without you I would still be struggling. I do hope new patients will benefit from your goodness as I did.

Isabel, Nottingham

Thanks Kathryn for all your help. Sessions were informative, solution focused and within a week I was managing several hours of good quality sleep for the first time in months. Session booklets will support me now my sessions are over.

Sleeping has always been a problem for me for many years. At its worst,
after almost no sleep for five weeks in January this year, I was at my wits
end. My daughter found the name of Kathryn Pinkham as someone who could try
and help me. After much deliberation, I decided to go ahead and make
contact. After listening to my problem over the telephone in an assessment
call she said she would be happy to see me if that was my wish. There was
no pressure from her but I decided to accept her offer. From that first
session she completely understood my issues and set me off on a programme.
The sessions gave me clarity of thought, hope and a way forward. After only
3 visits, I have a completely new ‘body clock’ and am happy to say that I am
now part of all morning life instead of just late morning and afternoon”. I
feel that Kathryn is extremely flexible, understanding and an absolute
professional in her field. I would recommend this programme to anyone who
is or has been suffering from sleep issues whether they be short or
long-term. Angela, Nottingham.

Emma, 32

“I found the combination of telephone and email support really helpful as it fitted in with my schedule. My sleep has improved but more significantly I now manage my anxiety so much better”

Caroline, 33. Australia

I’ve had problems with sleeping every since I can remember, but it seemed to get worse during my pregnancy with my now three year old. I contacted Kathryn after a particuarly bad six months of sleep- where I had gotten into a pattern of waking up at 1-2am and lying awake for hours worrying about everything and nothing. I was exhausted, irritable with my family and not coping too well with work. I had also become a bit reliant on taking sleeping pills a couple of times a week which was something I wasn’t comfortable with at all.

I was really surprised to learn that Kathryn could provide me with therapy over the phone and on email- as I live in Australia this obviously worked really well! A major part of how Kathryn helped me was to challenge my long held beliefs about sleep. She also introduced a new bedtime ‘schedule’ and after about five nights I was ‘sleeping through’ again- just like a baby!

I still have the odd bad night but as long as I stick to the tools that Kathryn gave me, I can get back on track quite easily now. My quality of sleep has improved a lot, I’m not tired during the day and I have a lot more energy – it’s great!
Caroline, 33, Australia.