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Sleep Well • Live Better


Do you struggle to get to sleep no matter how tired you are?  Are you taking sleeping pills?  Do you wake frequently through the night and lie awake for hours, anxiously watching the clock?  Do you feel sleepy and lethargic during the day?  If that's you, you’re not alone and The Insomnia Clinic is here to help you. 

My day starts backwards ...
I wake up tired and go to bed wide awake.

Healthy sleep is essential for children and young people to achieve their potential. If bedtime has become a chore or you can’t remember the last time you had an undisturbed sleep without the pitter patter of tiny feet in the middle of the night then we can help.

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During these one to one sessions you will work with a quaified therapist to complete this NHS reccomended, step by step programme to change your sleep issues so you can get the quality sleep you need.

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Improving sleep is shown to increase productivity and reduce absenteeism in the workplace as well as reducing the chances of mental health problems in the future.