3 tips for how to deal with daylight saving this weekend

As the clocks change this weekend, it means more sun but daylight saving can leave us feeling a bit out of sorts!

In fact, studies show sleep quality drops by 10% when the clocks change so for insomnia sufferers it can be a difficult time. Here are 3 top tips from sleep-therapy to help you to sail into summer.

1. During the week, move your bedtime and wake time 15 minutes a day so that by Sunday you are already set for the time change rather than doing it all in one go.

2. Although it will be tempting to have a lie in on Sunday, try to stick to your usual wake up time by the clock so that your body can adjust.

3. If the weather forecast is right then we should have some sun on Sunday, make the most of it! The daylight helps our bodies to wake up and adjust to the new time so get out and about as much as you can!

Sam Sethi