Corporate Workshops


Face to Face

Target – Individual Employees

  • For those employees who identify that they have a problem and would like treatment.

  • 1:1 private sessions delivered in person.

  • Drop in clinic with 30 minute slots, up to 12 slots available.

  • Confidential Zoom option available.


Lunch Seminars

Target – Key Departments

  • An opportunity for you to choose topics specific to your company for an in-depth workshop.

  • For example, how to manage shift work or jet lag or how to avoid stress impacting upon sleep.

  • Work with you to Identify most relevant topic.



Target – All Employees

  • The Science of Sleep- find out how sleep underpins performance and discover tips on how to cope with jet lag and late nights and improve sleep patterns.

  • Improving sleep is shown to increase productivity and reduce absenteeism in the workplace as well as reducing the chances of mental health problems in the future.

  • We work with you to market the seminar to all staff via posters/email.