Online Course

Do you struggle to fall asleep? Do you wake in the night and find it hard to get back to sleep? Or maybe you have been taking sleeping tablets that are no longer effective and you don’t know where else to turn?

If you are tired of being tired then The Insomnia Clinic's online course can help you to learn how to sleep well and live better.

There is so much information available on the internet and in magazines that it can be really hard to know what to do.  Should you stay in bed and try to relax, or get up and do the ironing.  Should you go to bed early to get more sleep or stay up later to be more tired?  Lets face it, no one ever taught us how to actually go to sleep it's just something we can do, until it goes wrong!

During my time in mental health settings I saw the impact that poor sleep can have on both physical and mental health but the good news is that you absolutely can improve your sleep and often, very quickly.

At the Insomnia Clinic we have worked with hundreds of people who report trouble falling to sleep, waking through the night, feeling anxious before bedtime, addicted to sleeping tablets and so on.

We understand that for lots of people 1:1 sessions are not always possible so we have used our experience to create an online course that will enable you to understand your sleep and learn the techniques to getting back in control.

We have kept the information short and sweet in the form of 4 individual booklets to be worked through one by one. We advise you to take at least a week between each booklet so that you can put the information and advice into action before moving to the next step.

The topics of the course include-

  • Pillow talk, getting to grips with sleep and sleep hygiene. This ams to introduce some basics around sleep and make sure there are no easy fixes which need to be addressed before you get stuck in.

  • Take control of your sleep. Learn about sleep restriction and how to increase your drive to fall asleep when you get into bed. You will understand more about why you may wake up and how to break this habit.

  • Thinking about sleep. Learn how your own mind can sabotage your sleep and some techniques to begin to switch off your mind before bedtime and reduce general anxiety.

  • Moving forward. This final step is to help you to manage your sleep in the future and what to watch out for.

We advise you to keep a sleep diary for each week that you are doing the programme so that you can track your progress.  You will also find worksheets to complete throughout to help you make the most of the information.

The course is designed in a way that you can work through it step by step and it contains all the most important and relevant advice that you need to fix your poor sleep. 

Each of our 4 booklets is available for £10 or buy the complete set for £30