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Are you an employer who would you like to improve productivity and reduce absenteeism in the work place?

Did you know that the annual cost of poor sleep to the UK is around £30 billion? In fact poor sleep is responsible for around 200,000 working days being lost per year. 

Research shows that 4 out of 10 employees gets less than 7 hours of sleep per night.

It is well documented that a lack of sleep can cause poor concentration but it is also strongly linked to future episodes of anxiety and depression.  An employee is also three times more likely to become obese if they suffer with poor sleep, so it's clear that sleep should be high on any companies agenda.

The Insomnia Clinic is the UK’s largest insomnia specialist service that offers Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT-I) techniques to improve staff sleep challenges.  We specialise in working with businesses that recognise the importance of good quality sleep on staff wellbeing and company productivity.  We offer a tailored approach based on the needs of each company.

Helping employees to sleep well so they can live and work better.
— Our Mission

Corporate Workshops


Face to Face

Target – Individual Employees

  • For those employees who identify that they have a problem and would like treatment

  • 1:1 private sessions delivered in person.

  • Drop in clinic with 30 minute slots, up to 12 slots available.

  • Confidential Zoom option available.

Lunch Seminars

Target – Key Departments

  • An opportunity for you to choose topics specific to your company for an in-depth workshop.

  • For example, how to manage shift work or jet lag or how to avoid stress impacting upon sleep.

  • Work with you to Identify most relevant topic.


Target – All Employees

  • The Science of Sleep - find out how sleep affects performance and discover tips on coping with jet lag and improve sleep patterns.

  • Improving sleep increases productivity and reduces absenteeism. It also reduces the chances of mental health problems in the future.

  • We work with you to market the seminar to all staff via posters/email.

Here at The Insomnia Clinic we offer tailor made plans to suit the needs of your company.  Our corporate workshops are conducted in small groups and together with you we can adapt the content to the needs of your company.  For example, covering topics such as "stress" and "jet lag" and "how best to manage sleep" in these circumstances.

We offer a range of options from seminars to workshops and drop in sleep clinics to ensure that employees can have access to as much or as little as they need to help them to understand and improve their sleep.

The workshops/seminars will teach your staff to understand how insomnia is maintained, the role of thoughts and behaviours in disruptive sleep patterns and how to increase quality of sleep by adopting appropriate sleep schedules.

The clinics are a based on a 30 minute drop in style format throughout the day. If you would like to book your drop in clinic or discuss the most suitable option for your company please contact us.

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