What To Expect

The treatment is delivered by your practitioner over a number of 50 minute sessions on a weekly or fortnightly basis depending on your needs.

The initial assessment will be a 50 minute session to assess the severity of the insomnia. We will help you to understand what can cause and maintain sleep problems, look at what normal sleep is, and introduce the techniques involved in the sleep therapy.

You will be asked to complete sleep diaries throughout the duration of the therapy as a way of monitoring and tracking improvements in sleep.

The number of sessions you require will vary based on your individual requirements, however many patients respond positively in a short space of time, seeing improvements in sleep quality as well as duration. This in turn positively affects their waking hours and many patients immediately notice an increase in alertness, concentration and productivity.

Don’t let sleep issues or insomnia ruin your day, contact The Insomnia Clinic team today. We have treatments centres across the UK.  If you are unable to visit our treatment centres we also offer Skype consultations – so no matter how remote you are, you will have access to all the tools you need for a good nights sleep.

The sessions are approximately 45-50 minutes and prices start from £90 per session, but vary depending on location.